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Aimpoint PRO Unboxing and Review vs EOTech 2015: Which Red Dot Sight is Best for You?

In , the US Army gave Aimpoint the opportunity to prove itself by awarding the company its first military contract. Military weapons experts, marksmen, hunters and sportsmen have used Aimpoint optics for more than 40 years to defend freedom, hunt game and win competitions.

Aimpoint products are the toughest because they are tested in Sweden in some of the toughest conditions that mother nature can provide. When you purchase Aimpoint merchandise, you are getting a product that is battle tested, proven to withstand abuse, designed to run for years without changing batteries, and covered under warranty.

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To narrow your search for just the right equipment from Aimpoint , use the handy category filters below on the left. Read through reviews of Aimpoint products from people just like you - our customers. For more help choosing durable, reliable Aimpoint products, check our informative blogs and our collection of articles about red dot sights and water resistance ratings.

Our product experts have decades of hands-on experience and are a free resource we provide, so feel free to ask them any question about Aimpoint products. Optics Planet proudly supplies needed equipment to military and law enforcement personnel. Make OpticsPlanet.

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Aimpoint PRO $350 Shipped - Also 20% off more stuff at LA Police Gear

The hammer testing was after re-mounting so the best comparison is F vs G. And I feel it was a good amount of jostling around…if you drop your gun or bang it into an obstacle…it should be way under what I put the optic through. Passes in my book. And is unscathed for a future lucky reader except for some plastic knicks on the lens covers. Dot is lower since the mount I have is a little higher than the PRO. From what I could gather…the Aimpoint PRO is more affordable since it has a slightly less battery life 30K hours compared to the current Aimpoint Comp M4 80K hours and its housing is a little less strong forged vs extruded aluminum.

Here are the specs so you can see if it meets your temperature and water submersion requirements. See the rest at Aimpoint :. Plus clearer glass and less distortion. Did you end up going with the PRO…or did you get something else? Let me know in comments below.

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Unfortunately China posers are catching up with Sweden manufacturing with the high accuracy and low cost of CNC these days. Ultimately I ended up owning 3 of them, one for each rifle, I have tried many of the red dots over the years and the Aimpoints are just such a cut above that going back to a lessor red dot just doesn't cut it and the PRO though a bit pricey, is just low enough for me to equip all my rifles with. I also like the fact they come with a very serviceable Mount included.

That makes it just the one price for a complete sight. I can't afford a I really like quality stuff that performs well. The Aimpoint pro fits that bill. Great article. I always love watching the videos you guys post. Hilarious and informative.

Black Friday Aimpoint PRO deals?

Keep up the good work! Vortex 3x from our Best 3x Magnifiers article! Love it! Nice tight groups at 50 yards. Will check it at yards today. Since most were bought by armchair Rambo's that get buyers remorse, most are in excellent condition. Just be sure to know what you are looking at to avoid knock-offs.